I wrote a cookbook containing recipes without gluten, dairy, soy, nightshades, cane sugar, or baker’s yeast.  The book also featured fun ways to use the recipes in bento lunches for kids.  It was a great project … and I have such fun creating recipes and “cute” food, I decided to extend the good times with a blog.  While my favorite medium is the bento lunch, I do enjoy cake decorating and other creative ways of making everyday meals and desserts into art.

For me, an artist at heart, this blog is a great way to continue sharing recipes and photos of my food art.  While the recipes in my cookbook have been carefully tested and edited, and include nutritional content and yield, the recipes on my blog are a bit less polished.  (Thank you for understanding, and I do my best to offer recipes that come out great.)

About Dawn

I live in Massachusetts on a small farm with my husband and two daughters.  I love animals and live with two cats, a house rabbit, a miniature donkey, and a pony.  My hobbies also include my flower garden, quilting, canoe racing, and cross-country skiing.  Of course I love chocolate and most of all, ice cream.

About Page Pictures

By the way, I am not perfect (obviously). My kids go to school with boring lunches often; the fancy ones are special. Sometimes my three-year-old refuses to eat and I give up and feed her corn chips for lunch. I go to parties, stare at the food, and start to pout on the inside. Sometimes I give in to temptation and eat salsa or potato chips (I am sensitive to nightshades).  Then I feel lousy and ache for a week. I always regret it. But I am imperfect and it happens. This blog is imperfect too, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.