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Culinary Creativity Cover

Culinary Creativity features:

  • Over 110 recipes from breakfast to dessert without gluten, dairy, soy, cane sugar, nightshades, or baker’s yeast (105 recipes can also be corn-free)
  • 32 adorable Japanese-inspired bento lunches created from yesterday’s meals
  • Nutritional information for each recipe
  • Hard cover with a lay flat binding (stays open and flat on the counter top for easy recipe following.)

Dawn became determined to cook delicious gluten-free and dairy-free foods when both she and her baby needed to be on a special diet. At first the diet felt restrictive. But Dawn soon realized there were many delicious foods available, so she began to re-create her favorite foods with new ingredients.

Dawn’s lifelong passion for art found expression in her new-found love of cooking when she adopted the Japanese tradition of creating whimsical bento lunches for her daughters each morning.

Now her kids have fun lunches, her husband enjoys great dinners, and Dawn eats homemade ice cream every night.

Life is delicious.

Sample Pages:

Culinary Creativity Table of Contents

The recipes all contain photos of the finished recipe.  Some, like this one, have a large photo, while others are on the same page as the recipe.

Sample page

Each chapter has its own table of contents, this is the “Bread” chapter.

Sample Page2

This is a sample page from the Bento chapter, which features over 30 fun lunches for kids created from the recipes in the rest of the book.

Bento sample page

Still wondering if this book fits your diet?

  • 78 (of 117) recipes can be vegan (honey may need to be substituted occasionally)
  • 66 recipes can be grain-free and pseudo cereal-free
  • 86 recipes are egg-free
  • 84 recipes can be nut-free (some recipes have nuts as optional ingredients)
  • 108 recipes are vegetarian (9 chicken recipes are in this book)
  • 105 recipes can be corn-free
  • All 117 recipes without: gluten, dairy, soy, nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant), bakers-yeast, and cane sugar
  • Sweeteners used in the recipes: raw agave nectar, honey, and coconut sugar

Available on Amazon