Hello Kitty Maki

Hello Kitty Maki

This Hello Kitty Maki is made with a kit.  It was mistakenly sent to me when I ordered supplies from Japan.  The thought of sending it back was too much trouble with the international mail so I paid for it and used it (of course).  Honestly I wouldn’t bother with this unless you have a child who loves maki and loves Hello Kitty (and you are a bit patient).  I used beet juice to dye the rice and avocado for eyes and sweet potato for the nose.  I have the recipe for the rolls in my cookbook.  Also there are pomegranate seeds and carrot flowers.

6 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Maki

  1. I am so impressed by your Hello Kitty Maki Sushi! I’ve seen these before but I don’t think I can pull this off. My daughter will be so happy when she opens her obento and see this inside! ;-)

    • Thank you. If you have the kit it is pretty easy. The kit that I have has instructions written in Japanese but pictures (so I can’t be sure I am doing everything correctly– because I don’t speak Japanese!)

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