American Flag Bento

Flag Bento

Yesterday my daughter said, “Mama, I need an American Flag bento because we are studying the American Flag in school (preschool).” She also informed me that today is flag day.

The thing is, I usually plan ahead for special bento- purchase the ingredients in advance and think about the colors. Not for everyday bento, but to make a flag … I said, “We’ll see.”

This morning I pulled out last night’s left-0ver Indian food (black rice, beet puree, and chickpea-sweet potato curry). Hmm … I guess this could be an abstract flag, I thought. I knew I was on to something when my three-year-old peeked up and said, “You made the American Flag.” If she could tell what it was that was a good sign. Then I looked at our fruit and the cucumber and decided to make a second flag! All in all it was pretty fun.

My only other artistic experience with the flag is this quilt I made a few years ago.

Flag Quilt

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