Graduation Hat

Graduation Hat

My daughter is off to kindergarten in September and there was a nice send off at her preschool yesterday. She let me know that she wanted a graduation hat bento, but it was a potluck event so I needed to make a hat for the group. (I brought a big bowl of watermelon on the side too.) This hat is full (adult) size and is carved out of one chunk (the top and base are connected). I used fondant cookie cutters for the letters and numbers– those are honeydew melon. By the end of the party the other watermelon was gone and no one had cut into this, so I went over and chopped it up so it would get eaten.

Graduation Hat

One thought on “Graduation Hat

  1. I love that no one wanted to ruin it by eating it. You are truly amazing. Every day a unique and wonderful treat.

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