Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie

My daughter (she is 5) and I were discussing fun food projects. Somehow we got on the subject of pie and she started talking about a “cutie pie”. Great idea!

Later that day I stumbled upon a notice about Pie Party 2012 on Facebook- and it was happening the next day. Well I got up and made a cutie pie first thing in the morning. What else could I do?

This is a pie/crisp. Peaches on the bottom, then crisp topping pressed flat on top. I used Namaste Food’s Pie Crust mix for the cutout features. I just cut them freehand. My daughter came along and suggested the bow. Raisins for eyes and a dried cranberry for the bow.

The recipe for the crisp topping is in my cookbook.

3 thoughts on “Cutie Pie

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