Celebrating a Birthday

This year for Sierra’s Birthday we had 3 “cakes”.

1) I sent cupcakes to kindergarten to share with her friends. I used the basic vanilla cupcake recipe from Gluten-Free Cupcakes but added lemon zest and Chocolate Frosting from my cookbook. The “Happy Birthday Sign” was part of Sierra’s bento that day. The other half of the bento was filled with Chicken Salad- her favorite food.

2) For a little get together with the grandparents, I made the Acorn Squash Cake from my cookbook and frosted some of it with left-over chocolate frosting and some with cashew cream and mangoes (6’s because she is 6).

3) For a party with a few of her friends I made the Chocolate cake from my cookbook and frosted it with pink cashew/coconut frosting (which started to look odd but still tasted good) and toasted coconut.

The rest of the party spread included humus with cookie cutter veggies, some chips, and apple slices.

I can’t keep up the pace of making three Birthday cakes for every Birthday… but at least I have something to blog about!

Speaking of blogging… please share my blog- let your friends know about me.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating a Birthday

  1. Dawn, you are super woman! I am very impressed! Lucky child Sierra is. And the food looks very yummy. I am going to have to try a few of these ideas. what was in the top of the bento box, where you created the happy birthday message?

    • Thanks Mary. Only “super” because I follow my heart and do what I want. If someday, I don’t feel like cooking then I would do less. The bento box was filled with cashew cream then mangoes cut into letters with fondant cutters. This was a specific request from Sierra. You have my book so you have the recipe for cashew cream- it is on the page with the crepes in the Breakfast chapter. Thanks for the comment!

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