Another First Day (With Tears)

Last week I shared Sierra’s first day of school, today was Hannah’s first day. Before I tell you more about that, let’s back up a bit.

I realized that looking at the pictures on my blog gives a bit of an idyllic image. In part because I choose my favorite photos, and in part because I assume you don’t want to hear every detail of how much my kids fuss. But maybe some of you moms look at my blog and wonder- is it really so easy for her? Well if you ever wondered that I will tell you- sometimes it is so hard. So unbelievably impossible just to get through one morning. And other times it is a little easier.


The night before Hannah’s first day of school, she thought the dinner was so disgusting she couldn’t even be at the table. She laid on the ground and cried while we tried to have a nice dinner. So she went to bed with an empty belly. Then in the morning I cut her food wrong. And she cried and cried. With some extra complaining in-between the tears. I wish I could tell you some of this is unusual, but it happens on a semi-regular basis with her. I eventually gave up and spoon fed her the food so she wouldn’t go to school hungry.

Then I showed her the bento I made, and instead of any kind of excitement she exclaimed, “I don’t like some of that!”


I wish I could say I was a model of patience, but I got mad and started threatening to never cook for the family again.

Eventually we pulled it together and got out the door.


I will post a new recipe next week. In the meantime keep trucking along all you moms!

3 thoughts on “Another First Day (With Tears)

  1. Thank you for the story. I get into situations like this also, getting mad, having to improvise, somehow getting myself back onto the road. The lunch is beautiful and I would eat it with absolutely no fussing! Hope the next day is better.

  2. I’m laughing and crying with and for you after reading this post! Seriously, this is very refreshing to read. Many of my mornings (and nights, and afternoons) are challenging regarding food (um, and other stuff), and I often lament my daughter’s pickiness and I often lose patience (when I wish I wouldn’t). So thanks for writing something so honest. It helps! Also, that bento lunch looks awesome to me :) Too bad there’s nobody making us mamas gorgeous lunches! We’d definitely be more grateful. Probably, ha.

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