2 Cookbooks for $20, Over 50% savings, Plus Kids and Cakes

I just went on Amazon and checked my cookbook’s reviews for the first time is a long time. Let’s face it, reviews can be scary so I put off checking for a while. I was so pleased reading the new reviews today! So many 5 stars. Very exciting. I put a lot of love into this book and to be honest I beam a little every time I look at it. (To share the love I am offering a really great deal on the cookbook, see below, but first I wanted to update you on my family.)

For the first year ever, both kids are in school and I must admit I feel free!


Sierra wanted all the kids at her Birthday party to decorate their own cupcakes and they each got to blow out their own candle.


Hannah’s Birthday was a month later and she wanted chocolate cake of course!


Hannah is starting to be a bit more adventurous with food. She has been a really tough picky eater. Below you can see she made herself a beautiful plate of fruit.


I think my cookbook makes a wonderful gift, so I am making it very very affordable for you. $20 for 2 cookbooks and FREE shipping! Total value $55.85. (Sale available in continental US only.) If you only want to purchase one book you can still find them on Amazon. But if you want this super great deal, click the “buy now” link below (use PayPal or Credit card). Offer lasts until December 15, 2014.

Buy Now
One click buys 2 books, so, 1 “unit” is 2 books and 2 “units” would be 4 books.

New book

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