Purple Dinner

I don’t shop. Not even for groceries. I find it overwhelming. My husband enjoys shopping or at least doesn’t mind it, so he does the majority of our grocery runs. I plan the weekly menu, write the list, then we go through the staples to see what else we need and off he goes. Perfect for me.

Every now and then I pop into a grocery store to see “what’s new”. A few days ago we went into a store together and I started eying all of the “purple” fruits and veggies. “Oh wouldn’t it be fun to have an all purple dinner!”, I exclaimed as I filled bags with purple foods.

Now I realize some people my find purple soup and salad a bit off putting. I don’t think I would serve the purple soup at a dinner party, but I found it to be a very amusing theme. We may have other color themed dinners in the future!

So what did we have?

Purple Cauliflower Soup:


My husband thought it was a bit bland, the kids did not like it, and I loved it. I thought it was creamy and perfect. Basically you cook everything as you would any soup (saute onion, add other stuff until cooked, then puree it). This is an unofficial write-up for now.

Soup: 1 white sweet potato (wish I had a purple one!), 1 small head purple cauliflower, 2 cups stock, 1/2 onion, herbamare to taste

Purple Salad:


Red cabbage (I think it looks more purple then red), young lettuce leaves, violets from the yard, carrots cut with cookie cutter, chives, and a few purple cauliflowers. Not photographed is the peanut butter dressing that I made to drizzle on the salad. If only I had purple carrots… they do exist you know… but the orange made a fun splash of color!

Also a buffalo burger topped with a red onion and purple plum pickle. (I combined vinegar,  honey, water, and ginger on the stove and brought it to a boil. Then I poured it over red onions and purple plums. It was delicious but a bit tart- not enough honey.)